I hope that everyone is having a great summer!  

Hockey registration is open at www.aphamb.ca.  

Every family must register online.  You will pay the registration and community club fee ($25) online.  The registration deadline is September 7, 2015.  Late registrations are subject to a $25 late registration fee.

If you require a subsidy form, please email westdale@mymts.net.

Volunteer Activities/Volunteer Bond

After you have registered online, every family must attend the Westdale Community Centre on one of the following dates in order to sign up for volunteer activities and pay a volunteer bond.  

The volunteer sign up dates are:

Thursday, September 10th 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday, September 12th 10:00am – 1:00 PM

Each Westdale hockey family is required to volunteer 6 hours.  Your volunteer bond cheque ($250) should be postdated to April 1st, 2016 and made payable to Westdale Community Centre.  Once you have completed your volunteer hours, your cheque will be destroyed.  If you have not completed the volunteer hours by March 31, 2016, your cheque will be cashed.  

You may choose to opt out of volunteer activities.  If so, please provide a $100 cheque dated October 1, 2015 and made payable to Westdale Community Centre.  These funds will be used to hire staff to work in the canteen.

More information on volunteering will be available at Westdale Community Centre on September 10th and 12th.  

If you selected “cheque” as the form of payment when registering online, please bring your registration cheque or cash to the Westdale Community Centre at the above times.

Respect in Sport

Every new hockey family will be required to complete the “Respect in Sport Parent Program”. We will not allow any players on the ice if this program is not completed.  More information about the program is available at www.aphamb.ca .  The link to complete this course is found at: https://hmbparent.respectgroupinc.com

If you completed this program last year, you will not have to take it again this year.  If you have completed it and have a new child playing please go to the site and have your new child added to your account


There is information on try outs including the process, tryout dates and times available online at aphamb.ca.  You will be receiving an email from the community club hosting your players try out closer to the tryout date.

If you have any questions, please let me know.   Looking forward to a great hockey season!

Nikki Palmer Jones
Westdale Hockey Convenor